Like Water Does is an ocean inspired jewelry brand based in sunny Southern California, created by local designer Alexandra Williams. The designer, drawing her inspiration from the beauty and mystery of the ocean as well as California surf culture, looks to create the perfect fine jewelry layers. All LWD jewelry is handmade in Los Angeles. 

Oceans are unpredictable, powerful, unapologetic and full of mysterious life. Rivers are swift and mesmerizing; They act as providers and contain restorative energies. Lakes are placid and calming.  Waterfalls evoke a sense of awe, demanding respect with their purity and beauty. 

Water is life.  We need it, respect it, crave it and are humbled by it.  We as humans, can only strive to live life like water does. To be powerful, calm, patient, pure but a force to be reckoned with.  Live Like Water Does.